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Get Momentum Breakout And Trend Breakout Trades Every Other Day
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Get Momentum Breakout And
Trend Breakout Trades Every Other Day

Ravih’s Breakout Opportunities

What if… you didn’t have to scout around the internet looking for trade ideas every day?

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I am Raviraj Jegathesan.

I am a Short Term and Momentum Trader.
With more than two decades of experience, I learnt that Trading is an Art.
Trading is Science.

I offer Set-Ups that assist in your trading equities. These Set-Ups have been made
keeping in mind for the novice, for the working class professionals or an experienced trader. Furthermore, it will help you to filter the trades and pave way for better profitability.

With the Pro Momentum Breakout and Trend Breakout Stock System

You will:

  •  Enter the market before the crowd.
  • Limit your Losses and Maximize your Gains.
  •  Save time searching for great stock candidates.
  • Get in on stocks that are ready to move in the coming days.
  • Trade the market in good or bad times and still be a winner.
  •  Improve your confidence in when to Buy or Sell

Ravih Pro Momentum

My Flagship Set-Ups used for Short Term and BTST

Ravih Pro Trend Breakout

Long-only strategy for Short and Medium Term Trend Followers
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You don’t have to spend more than 20 minutes a day for selecting a stock.
All you ever need is Ravih’s Momentum and Trend Trading Breakouts. A trigger system created to detect Insiders Money Flow and camouflage behavioural that is simple and efficient but dynamic stock trading system.
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